4 months!



I am SO late on posting this. But better late than never...

Too fast, Samuel. Too fast.

That's how the sands of time are flowing.

Sometimes I think it's unfair, how tired we Mommies are during the newborn months. Because we miss so much. And while we are wishing for you to sleep through the night, we are actually wishing precious moments away. I can't believe you are already busting out of your three month clothes.

Oh, my little baby...

You are so much fun these days, Sammy. You grin from ear to ear, pretty much constantly. Your many faces melt my heart.

You are rolling over both ways, like a boss. In fact, I rarely find you how I left you.

You love to have conversations. I coo, then you coo, then I coo...you get the picture. You can go for 45 minutes straight. Something tells me you are going to be my little talker.

You are a Momma's boy these says. Not that I mind, in the slightest.

And still my favorite of all...that sigh. It's there every time I pick you up, comfort you, or sometimes...just to tell me you are content in my arms.

I love you, Samuel. More and more ever day. Just when I think I can't love you any more, my heart grows.

Stay my baby forever? Pretty please?



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