Nature Month: Nature Walk



Well, the weather was just too perfect this weekend. So the Aars family decided to jump right into nature month by taking our very own nature walk.

There's really several ways to do a nature walk, depending on your kiddo's age.

You can do a "leaf walk", just to gather leaves of different shapes and sizes. Or a "color walk", which would be perfect for Spring, or even Fall. And you could even do a "picture walk" where you let your kids take pictures of the nature they see.

_MG_0236I decided we would do a "5 senses" walk–where we would look, feel, hear, smell, and touch. Perfect for a two-year-old. We also gathered a few items in our nature jar as we went, to use for upcoming projects.


The whole walk only lasted about 45 minutes. A certain somebody got cranky, and was ready for his nap. Not naming any names (ahem, Michael).

But no matter how long it lasted, it was so nice to take a break and get out of our element. We felt miles from home, and I'm pretty sure Isaiah thought we really were.


We saw flowers...


a bird's nest...


And even a snake. (Sorry. Didn't nab a picture of that one, because I was too busy screaming.)

But the best part was just watching little Isaiah explore. No agenda. No rules. No fences. Just our baby boy digging into nature...


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